Hand Pained Picture frame storage box

Hand Pained Picture frame storage box


Because of the transparent nature, it can be perfectly integrated with the wall on the backcan be used for storage or decoration.

Product Description

Transparent Storage Box

* Our transparent storage box will peel off without damaging the wall, so you can use it safely.
* Our transparent storage box can be use in your kitchen, bedroom,living room or in your office.
* It is Convenient and Cute, Pocket Type Storage Box.

Product name Transparent non - trace storage box
Material PS+PC+PET+3R GEL
Specification L M S
Recommended load bearing ≤1500g ≤1000g ≤500g
Specification (box) 130*74*147mm 104*60*105mm 75*47*75mm

Products Details



This storage box make your home, office more beautiful.

Cosmetic storage box

Pens collecting storage box




How to use


1.This product is available for most kinds of flat surface, such as marble, ceramic tile, glass etc.
2. Please don't use it on the rough surface, powder wall, greasy and wet surface.
3. Clean it with clear water, natural drying or cool air drying. Please don't wipe it with towel.
4. In order to avoid damage caused, please don't place heavy and high value items.
5. Please don't use excessive force when installing or removing.
6. Please don't install it on the place where children can easily contact and avoid bumping and abrasions