• Modular Organizer(Swing Door)SL-816

    Modular Organizer(Swing Door)SL-816

    This modular unit is the perfect storage for bottles and items such as lipstick or nail polish. ln addition, it includes a magnetic closure mechanism.

  • Modular Organizer(Tip Out Door)SL-817

    Modular Organizer(Tip Out Door)SL-817

    The tip-out drawer holds various small items to keep the bathroom counter clutter-free while keeping a sleek aesthetic. This organizer also includes magnetic snaps to keep the drawers in place.

  • Dryer & Straightener Combo Holder

    Dryer & Straightener Combo Holder

    The 2-in-1 combo holder helps you save space with the minimized storage solution for your hair dryer and straightener. The design allows the straightener and dryer to cool after use and keeps the hot surfaces away from you during storage.

  • Hook SL-813

    Hook SL-813

    The simple hook is light-weight and elegant. lt is a great place to hang towels, clothing, hair dryers, and many other items in your bathroom.

  • Soap Dish SL-811

    Soap Dish SL-811

    The simple elegant soap dish with removable drip-tray can be easily installed with the universal STKLAND adhesive mounting system. The tray can be removed esaily to be washed and cleaned.

  • Toothbrush Holder SL-815

    Toothbrush Holder SL-815

    The dual toothbrush holder is designed to avoid contact with bacteria. The small gaps around the rim allow airflow for drying while also preventing pests from entering.