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Product Description
  • Make Your Life Lovely and Funny
  • 2019 Latest design of the Adhesive Magic Hook& magic sticker
  • Hooks easily coordinate with many nursery or child room themes
  • No cleaning required
  • 1. Leave no residue

    2. Removable

    3. Reusable

    4. Washable

    5. Environmentally friendly

    6. Customized color and animal design



Products Details

Magic Sticky Wall Reusable PVC Adhesive Decorative Hooks  Fridge Magnet Sticker


style size bearing net weight
ring-tailed lemur 74.6*145.3*6.5mm 300g 24.0g
yellow raccoon 41.5*140.8*6.5mm 300g 25.3g
grey raccon 41.1*141.8*6.5mm 300g 24.7g


Difference between 1st and 2nd generation:
1st generation animal magic hook with magnet, it's just available for the metal surface;
2nd generation design animal magic hook:
Stick it anywhere as you want;
Use it as hook, hanger or decoration animal sticker;
Change your life from fridge magnet sticker, our new Animal sticker hook make your life special.

How to use


1. Peel off the film of adhesive animal hook.

2. Clean the surface before stick the animal hook on it.

3. Press it several times to make sure it is substantial.

4. Movable, you could move it and stick it anywhere you want.

5. Use it as storage hook, make your life lovely.

6. It's not magnet fridge sticker any more, magic sticker design of our new hook.


12 different Animal Hooks for you to Choose

Simple is a way of life
Fun is an attitude to life

A new market for you from now on. Choose the designs you like, or custom animal adhesive hook.